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Who I Am and What I Offer

I offer one to one, group and team coaching online and face to face. My background is in education up to and including school leadership at Executive head teacher level. I am also a professionally trained actor. My training, skills and experiences including my training as an executive coach very much inform my individual style. I see my role as:

  • creating both a supportive and a challenging space for individuals, groups and teams to explore their issues, vulnerabilities, fears, goals, hopes and plans

  • enabling self-development and the development of skills and expertise

  • promoting holistic, systemic and networked perspectives

  • supporting the individuals, groups and teams to thrive

  • helping the coachee and or team to author their own story in connection and in collaboration with others

  • supporting the coachee and or team to include vulnerabilities and imperfections alongside their strengths and capacity for joy

  • helping the coachee and or team determine and enact their personal contribution.

My Vision

I believe that through learning and developing together we can connect with our humanity and live in a world of mutual respect, staying in the here and now and leading with authenticity. 

About Me: About Me
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